Woodbury Waves

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REPORT: Waves vs. Quail Hill 2016


The Woodbury Waves swam an impressive second dual meet of the season against the Quail Hill Barracudas. The Waves posted 140 time improvements. There were 61 Waves swimmers with ISL qualifying times. There was a sweep in the individual event for 11-12 boys freestyle and 12-13 girls freestyle. The 5-6 girls, 7-8 girls, 13-14 girls and 15-18 boys finished in first place in all of their individual events. Other age groups that earned first place ribbons in one or more of their individual events were: 5-6 boys in butterfly, 7-8 boys in backstroke, 9-10 girls in butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, 9-10 boys in freestyle, 11-12 girls in backstroke, 11-12 boys in butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle, 13-14 boys in breaststroke and freestyle, and 15-18 girls in backstroke, breast stroke and freestyle. The girls 9-10, 13-14 and 15-18 age groups all came in first in their 100 individual medleys.

Joey Nesland, Ruth Wu and Tiffany Lee earned first place ribbons in all 3 of their individual events. Nathan Lo, Gwyneth Stanisai, Emese Szekely, Lily Nesland, Darren Nguyen, Grant Kramer, Peyton Shim, Kevin Lu, Justin Kim, Adam Lam, Ashley Pham, Justin Pai, Eden Yeh, Kia Sowlati, Ryan Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Mailynh Nguyen, Hayley Pham, Hana Roushdy, Justin Aoki, and Nick Oneill also came in first place in one or more of their individual events.

Gabriel Chen, Noah Fong, Sophia Guntrip, Troy Hill, Nathan Jurado, Justin Kim, Allison Kramer, Elliott Leblond, Nidhii Marar, Addy Ngo, Titus Ng, Leah Suh, David Woo and Amira Zayed all earned second place ribbons.

Woodbury Waves mixed relay teams which earned first place finishes were: Leah Suh, Gwyneth Stanisai, Joey Nesland and Nathan Lo in 5-6 100 medley; Elise Ngo, Ruth Wu, Troy Hill and Grant Kramer in 9-10 200 medley; Robin Yeh, Elise Sullivan, Titus Ng and Allison Kramer in 11-12 200 medley; Nathan Jurado, Justin Pai, Kia Sowlati and Sophia Guntrip in 13-14 200 medley; Hayley Pham, Dustin Nguyen, Ryan Lee and Nick Oneill in 15-18 200 medley; Kasra Sowlati, Peyton Shim, Bradin Chung and Julian Barnes in 9-10 200 freestyle; Justin Kim, Adam Lam, Avery Ngo and Gabriel Chen in 11-12 200 freestyle; Nick Oneill, Ryan Lee, Justin Aoki and Hana Roushdy in 15-18 200 freestyle.

After two duals meets this season, the Waves swimmers who have achieved ISL qualifying times for all five events (butterfly, backstroke, individual medley, breaststroke, and freestyle) are Gabriel Chen, Bradin Chung, Camryn Chung, Sophia Hill, Jun Kim, Justin Kim, Allison Kramer, Grant Kramer, Adam Lam, Avery Ngo, Elise Ngo, Dustin Nguyen, Kasra Sowlati, Elise Sullivan, Barnie Szekely and David Woo.

Swimmers who have achieved ISL qualifying times in four events are Justin Aoki, Julian Barnes, Nylah Canalita, Neil Chaudhry, Sophia Guntrip, Ryan Lee, Tiffany Lee, Nathan Lo, Kevin Lu, Joey Nesland, Lily Nesland, Addy Ngo, Titus Ng, Mailynh Nguyen, Hana Roushdy, Ryan Shattuck, Kia Sowlati, Emma Suh, Leah Suh, Emese Szekely, Eden Yeh and Robin Yeh.

Waves swimmers with ISL qualifying times in three events are Ryan Austin, Tristan Chung, Ryan Hatcher, Troy Hill, Nathan Jurado, Benjamin Kim, Maddy Kim, Nidhii Marar, Brianna Michaelis, Carolyn Nguyen, Darren Nguyen, Kristine Nguyen, Gavin Nicholson, Matthew Oneill, Justin Pai, Ashley Pham, Hayley Pham, Peyton Shim, Gwyneth Stanisai, Noah Wilmot and Ruth Wu.

Waves swimmers with ISL qualifying times in two events are Blake Chen, Noah Fong, Kamille Le, Nick Oneill and Nicholas Pucket.

The following swimmers have achieved the ISL qualifying time for one event: Summer Chen, Galileo Chen, Arvin Kupumbati, Autumn Lentz, Holden Pimentel, Sophia Pucket, Mia Sullivan, Sophia Williams and Ella-Blue Wilmot.

Waves swimmers who had time improvements in three events were Ryan Austin, Julian Barnes, Ella Dominguez, Rykyn Fann, Jake Hamiprodjo, Kate Memannis, Emma Suh, Penny Wei and Sarah Williams.

Swimmers who posted time improvements in two events were Amee Aarhus, Neil Chaudhry, Galileo Chen, Camryn Chung, Tristan Chung, Desch Cole, Noah Fong, Ally Hamiprodjo, Benjamin Kim, Chris Kim, Justin Kim, Maddy Kim, Adam Lam, Ethan Lam, Elliott Leblond, Irene Lee, Tiffany Lee, Kristen Lew, Kevin Lu, Nidhii Marar, Lily Nesland, Holden Pimentel, Hudson Pimentel, Zachary Saito, Ryan Shattuck, Peyton Shim, Skylar Shim, Gwyneth Stanisai, Leah Suh, Barnie Szekely, Connor Williams, David Woo, John Woo, Ruth Wu, Emily Yeh and Amira Zayed.

Waves swimmers posting time improvements of five seconds or more were Galahad Chen, Haydin Chung, Desch Cole, Ally Hamiprodjo, Jake Hamiprodjo, Ethan Lam, Lucas Ou, Hudson Pimentel, Skylar Shim, Leah Suh, Derek Vovan, Penny Wei, Sarah Williams, Sophia Williams and Emily Yeh.

Excellent job, Waves!


MEET: Waves vs. Quail Hill 2016

Waves Families, are you ready for our second dual meet? The season continues this Saturday, June 25th against the Quail Hill Barracudas. Here are the details:

This will be a HOME meet and all HOME meets are held at the Woodbury Competition Pool.

Families can set up their tents/EZ ups no earlier than 6:00am per Association Rules. Waves families may only set up on the TENNIS COURT SIDE of the pool. The visiting team (Quail Hill) will set up their space on the parking lot side when they arrive. There isn’t enough space for each family to set up their own tent/EZ up. We encourage families to coordinate in advance and share space…and if a Waves family is without a space, please offer extra space to them.

Check in will be at 7:15am and it will be at the entrance with the Waves volunteers. Volunteers should check in as well. Our check-in team will write the event numbers on the swimmers’ arms with a Sharpie. And, as experienced Waves parents will tell you, using the Sharpie to write all your swimmers’ event numbers on your arms is a great way to keep track of it all as well.

We will start the meet sometime between 8:30 and 9am, so be prepared on the earlier side to begin your shift, etc. Remember, we will start off with 5-6 Fly right off the bat, so please be ready at the Ready Bench. Official meets always run longer than Trial meets, so plan on being at the pool until at least 1:00pm.

If your swimmer(s) will NOT be able to attend the meet, please go to the Unable to Attend (UTA) Meet form on the bottom of the Swim Meets page and follow the instructions on informing us of the absence. This allows Coach Ed and his coaching staff to plan adequately for swimmer events, relays, etc. Please enter the information no later than 5:00pm tomorrow – Wednesday, June 22nd – if your swimmer will NOT be able to attend. There is no need to RSVP for meets your swimmer WILL attend.

Remember that it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you will be absent and therefore not available to fulfill your meet duties this week. To view or change your volunteer assignment, go to: http://vols.pt/X37ju8. Do not contact Wendy Pimentel or Pete Shim as they will only reiterate the same message.

We will have our extensive Concessions & Snack Bar for everyone’s convenience again. So, please do come out and support the team by purchasing and consuming as much Spam Musubi, Rice Crispy Treats, and Sno Kones as possible! (Kidding…sort of…the Spam Musubi is excellent!)

As tempting as it will be for our swimmers, please make sure they stay out of the pool during halftime. This is for everyone’s safety. That includes sitting on the pool edge with legs dangling in the water, which inevitably leads to splashing, which leads to someone being playfully pushed into the pool…you get the drift!

Whether you’re a new or returning Waves family, be sure to wear your Waves apparel and let’s show our kids that they have every ounce of our visual and emotional support!

We are a not-for-profit which means that fundraising is critical to our ability to purchase and/or replenish the supplies we need to run a successful ISL team. To up the ante, one of our Waves families has issued a challenge: they will match up to a $1000 worth of donations from the rest of our team families! Please go to the our Fundly site and help us meet and exceed this amazing challenge!

See you all on Saturday for the exciting continuation of our season and Go Waves!

Woodbury Waves Communications