Woodbury Waves

An Irvine Community Swim Team

Pre-registration is now closed

Thank you to the 100+ returning swimmers who registered as part of 2016 Pre-registration.  If you are from the 2015 team and have yet to register, please email woodburywavesreg@gmail.com and you can be entered into the lottery with new swimmers to fill remaining spots on the team.  Any swimmer attempting to register from now on will need a personal invitation from the Registrar or his/her registration will be cancelled and money refunded (less fees).

We appreciate everyone doing their part to make the process run so smoothly!  Go Waves!


Have you submitted proof of residency for the 2016 team?

This is truly the final countdown for returning families before the Registrar contacts Rollover Wait List and Interest List families.  Pre-registration will close at midnight on Saturday, March 26th.  After that, you will no longer have priority status to register on the 2016 Woodbury Waves Team.

Following the protocol on the Pre-registration email is important.  It requires you to:

  1. Register on the team site
  2. Register on the ISL site
  3. Submit proof of Irvine residency to the Woodbury Waves Registrar

All three of these steps need to be complete for you to be on the team.  If you did not receive the Pre-registration email or are not clear on any of these steps, please contact woodburywaves@gmail.com for questions.