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2015 Season Wrap-up and Reminders

As we wrap-up a phenomenal 2015 season, please take a moment to read the following notes and reminders:

  1. Any remaining reimbursements must be submitted before Wednesday, September 2. No exceptions. Please scan your receipt(s) and email a clear image to the Waves Treasurer. Please refer to this post for detailed instructions.
  2. ISL champs ribbons and medals are available in the Family Communication Box located in the Competition Pool Storage Room that can be accessed during Speed Aquatics practice sessions.
  3. Trophies are also available in the Storage Room and will be available through next week.
  4. The LeBlond Family is missing their canopy cover from the Champs meet. It’s a black cover with a white label that says ‘Shade Tech by Quick Shade’ and has ‘LeBlond’ written on it. If anyone has information of its whereabouts, please email us right away and we will help return it to the LeBlond Family.

Thank you, Waves Families. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in 2016!


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REPORT: ISL Champions 2015


The Woodbury Waves captured 1,588.50 points and set 14 new team records on their way to winning Division I and overall at the 2015 ISL Championship Meet held August 8 at William Woollett Jr. Aquatic Center. Based on combined team scores, all Waves age groups finished in the top two of Division 1 (with the 9-10 and 13-14 swimmers placing first), and 74 swimmers achieved 125 time improvements during the meet.

“First place is always awesome, but my enjoyment and passion comes from improvement,” said Waves Head Coach Ed Carrera. “Our swimmers’ performance was strong! We swam well and smart. The kids are at their most confident when they’re prepared, and their preparation and confidence showed at Champs.”

By posting top-six finishes, 23 swimmers earned a total 47 individual medals, while relay teams earned 11. At least one member of the girls’ 7-8, 13-14 and 15-18 age groups medaled in each of their individual events, and 51 swimmers contributed to the Waves’ total score by placing in the top 16 in one or more individual events.

Relay teams collectively earned 382 points, with first-place finishes in the mixed medley relay by Ryanna Young, Anita Qian, Addy Ngo and Galileo Chen (5-6) and Elise Sullivan, Ryan Hatcher, Avery Ngo and Ruth Wu (9-10). The 13-14 mixed freestyle relay team of Kia Sowlati, Hayley Pham, Justin Kim and Ryan Lee also took first.

Second-place relay teams included Elise Ngo, Sophia Yang, Troy Hill and David Bae (7-8 medley); Carolyn Nguyen, Justin Pai, Jun Kim and Ethan Ho (11-12 medley); and Nathan Jurado, Kia Sowlati, Kristine Nguyen and Dustin Nguyen (13-14 medley). Third place went to Leila Ceranic, Galileo Chen, Ryanna Young and Joey Nesland (5-6 freestyle), and fourth place went to Ruth Wu, Nylah Canalita, Gabriel Chen and Grant Kramer (9-10 freestyle). Teams with a fifth-place finish were: Cathleen Nguyen, Nicholas Kim, Nick O’Neill and Daniel Bae (15-18 medley); Allison Kramer, Sophia Guntrip, Rike Ceranic and Ashley Pham (11-12 freestyle); and Lannhi Nguyen, Nick O’Neill, Nicholas Kim and Justin Aoki (15-18 freestyle). The 7-8 freestyle relay team of Tristan Chung, Trey Canalita, Lily Nesland and Emese Szekely finished 10th.

Individual first-place medals went to Ryan Hatcher (10) for butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke; Justin Pai (12) for individual medley and breaststroke; and Kristine Nguyen (14) for butterfly and backstroke. Nguyen also finished second in individual medley, while Pai finished sixth in freestyle.

Other three-time individual medalists include: Anita Qian (6) – second in butterfly, fourth in freestyle, sixth in backstroke; Sophia Yang (8) – second in backstroke and breaststroke, fifth in freestyle; Avery Ngo (10) – second in individual medley, fifth in backstroke, sixth in butterfly; Carolyn Nguyen (11) – second in butterfly, third in individual medley, fourth in backstroke; Hayley Pham (14) – fifth in breaststroke, sixth in backstroke and freestyle; and Lannhi Nguyen (16) – fifth in butterfly and breaststroke, sixth in freestyle.

Rounding out the individual medalists are: Addy Ngo (6) – second in backstroke, fifth in butterfly; Ryanna Young (6) – third in backstroke; Lily Nesland (7) – fourth in breaststroke; Emese Szekely (7) – fifth in breaststroke; Troy Hill (8) – fourth in breaststroke; Nylah Canalita (10) – sixth in individual medley; Elise Sullivan (10) – sixth in backstroke and freestyle; Sophia Guntrip (12) – fifth in breaststroke; Jun Kim (12) – fifth in breaststroke, sixth in butterfly; Nathan Jurado (13) – second in backstroke, sixth in freestyle; Kia Sowlati (13) – fourth in freestyle; Ryan Lee (14) – third in butterfly; Dustin Nguyen (14) – third in breaststroke, fourth in backstroke; and Cathleen Nguyen (17) – fifth in backstroke, sixth in individual medley.

Swimmers earning points for the Waves with their individual swims were: Carey Aoki (10th in freestyle, 11th in breaststroke); Justin Aoki (16th in backstroke); Daniel Bae (14th in individual medley); David Bae (10th in backstroke, 16th in butterfly); Julian Barnes (11th in breaststroke); Leila Ceranic (13th in breaststroke); Rike Ceranic (13th in butterfly); Andrew Chen (13th in butterfly and breaststroke, 14th in backstroke); Gabriel Chen (9th in backstroke, 11th in butterfly, 13th in individual medley); Galileo Chen (7th in butterfly and freestyle); Camryn Chung (9th in breaststroke, 15th in freestyle); Tristan Chung (12th in backstroke); Ethan Ho (9th in butterfly, 10th in individual medley, 12th in freestyle); Justin Kim, 13 (8th in breaststroke, 10th in individual medley, 14th in backstroke); Nicholas Kim (8th in butterfly, 13th in breaststroke); Grant Kramer (11th in individual medley, 13th in freestyle, 15th in breaststroke); Kevin Lu (10th in butterfly and backstroke, 16th in individual medley); Joey Nesland (9th in backstroke, 10th in freestyle, 15th in butterfly); Elise Ngo (7th in backstroke, 11th in butterfly, 14th in breaststroke); Titus Ng (16th in butterfly); Mailynh Nguyen (12th in butterfly and individual medley, 14th in freestyle); Nick O’Neill (15th in butterfly and freestyle); Ashley Pham (7th in backstroke, 11th in freestyle, 12th in breaststroke); Peyton Shim (10th in breaststroke, 12th in individual medley); Kasra Sowlati (15th in individual medley, 16th in backstroke); David Woo (15th in breaststroke); Ruth Wu (9th in freestyle, 16th in butterfly); and Jason Yang (11th in breaststroke).

Swimmers who dropped at least three seconds in a single event were Siena Bernal (9-10 individual medley), Andrew Chen (9-10 butterfly), Gabriel Chen (9-10 individual medley), Caleb Ho (9-10 freestyle), Justin Kim (11-12 freestyle), Justin Kim (13-14 individual medley), Grant Kramer (9-10 individual medley), Richelle Shim (11-12 butterfly), Miles Silva (9-10 freestyle) and Kasra Sowlati (9-10 individual medley).

“I’d like to thank the parents for all the sacrifices they make,” Carrera said after the meet. “This result is a testament to their commitment to the team and their trust in the system. Thank you!”

Congratulations on another exceptional season, Waves!

WoodburyWavesAveryNgoByAaronSullivanAugust8WoodburyWavesDavidBaeByAaronSullivanAugust8   WoodburyWavesJuliaGoldsteinByAaronSullivanAugust8


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Reimbursements Due

Please submit any remaining reimbursement requests before Friday, August 21, 2015 to woodburywavestreasurer@gmail.com.

The following information must be included in your email requests:
1. Full name
2. Phone number
3. Reimbursement amount
4. Event (i.e., concessions, pasta party, year end party)
5. Copy of the receipt; preferably a scanned pdf but an image is fine if it’s clear and legible

Thank you!