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IMPORTANT: Practice Canceled Today

Practice is canceled today (6/30/15) due to thunder and lightning. 


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REPORT: Waves vs Northpark 2015

The Woodbury Waves kicked off their second meet of the season with first- and second-place wins by mixed medley relay teams in all age groups, as they competed at home against the Northpark Riptide. Ninety-one swimmers posted a total 156 time improvements, and 70 achieved ISL qualifying times in 167 events.

The Waves earned 45 first-place and 48 second-place ribbons on June 27, including a first-place win by the 5-6 mixed free relay team of Diya Kumar, Masen Le, Gwyneth Stanisai and Leila Ceranic. The 5-6, 7-8, 11-12 and 13-14 girls took first in all of their individual events, and the 9-10 girls swept first through sixth place in backstroke. The 5-6 girls finished first through fifth place in butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, while the 9-10 boys took first through fifth in individual medley.

Anita Qian (6), Avery Ngo (10), Ryan Hatcher (10), Carolyn Nguyen (11) and Kristine Nguyen (14) earned first place in three individual events. Waves swimmers with two first-place finishes were Sophia Yang (8), Sophia Guntrip (12), Justin Pai (12), Nathan Jurado (13) and Hayley Pham (14). Swimmers with one first-place finish included Galileo Chen (6), Masen Le (6), Addy Ngo (6), Emese Szekely (7), David Bae (8), Troy Hill (8), Elise Ngo (8), Grant Kramer (9), Elise Sullivan (10), Ryan Lee (14), Cathleen Nguyen (17), Carey Aoki (18) and Nicholas Kim (18).

Meanwhile, Joey Nesland (5), Nylah Canalita (10), Ashley Pham (11), Ethan Ho (12), Jun Kim (12), Dustin Nguyen (14), Mailynh Nguyen (14) and Daniel Bae (15) notched top-three finishes in all of their individual events.

After two dual meets this season, the following Waves swimmers have achieved ISL qualifying times for all five events (butterfly, backstroke, individual medley, breaststroke and freestyle): Daniel Bae, Gabriel Chen, Ryan Hatcher, Nathan Jurado, Jun Kim, Ryan Lee, Avery Ngo, Dustin Nguyen, Kristine Nguyen, Mailynh Nguyen, Matthew O’Neill, Justin Pai, Ashley Pham, Hayley Pham, Ryan Shattuck, Kasra Sowlati, Kia Sowlati, Ruth Wu and Jason Yang.

Swimmers with ISL qualifying times in four events include David Bae, Lily Nesland, Addy Ngo, Elise Ngo, Anita Qian, Emese Szekely and Sophia Yang in the 8 and under group, as well as Justin Aoki, Sophia Guntrip, Justin Kim (13), Tiffany Lee, Chris Li, Titus Ng, David Woo in the 9 and older group.

Those who have notched ISL qualifying times in three events are Nylah Canalita, Trey Canalita, Leila Ceranic, Rike Ceranic, Andrew Chen, Camryn Chung, Tristan Chung, Julia Goldstein, Troy Hill, Ethan Ho, Allison Kramer, Grant Kramer, Kevin Lu, Jack McMannis, Joey Nesland, Carolyn Nguyen, Cathleen Nguyen, Hana Roushdy, Elise Sullivan, Barnie Szekely, Noah Wilmot and Ryanna Young.

Carey Aoki, Nathan Bae, Julian Barnes, Aimee Jurado, Justin Kim (11), Nicholas Kim, Nick O’Neill, Nicholas Puckett, Sophia Puckett, Peyton Shim and Mia Sullivan each have achieved qualifying ISL times in two events, while Galileo Chen, Brandon Chung, Sophia Hill, Arvin Kupumbati, Masen Le, Sarah Shattuck, Richelle Shim, Gwyneth Stanisai and Emilie Wilmot have achieved qualifying ISL times in one event.

Fourteen swimmers had time improvements in three events: Julian Barnes, Brooklynn Canalita, Nylah Canalita, Trey Canalita, Jonathan Chen, Jun Kim, Justin Kim (13), Grant Kramer, Brianna Michaelis, Joden Nguyen, Gwyneth Stanisai and Sarah Williams.

Thirty-seven dropped time in two events: Ryan Austin, Nathan Bae, Leila Ceranic, Rike Ceranic, Brandon Chung, Dylan Chung, Tristan Chung, Sophia Guntrip, Caleb Ho, Ethan Ho, Chris Kim, Justin Kim (11), Josh Knapp, Diya Kumar, Ryan Lee, Tiffany Lee, Arash Moghaddam, Addy Ngo, Avery Ngo, Carolyn Nguyen, Darren Nguyen, Kristine Nguyen, Matthew O’Neill, Sophia Puckett, Elijah Saito, Zachary Saito, Richelle Shim, Miles Silva, Kasra Sowlati, Elise Sullivan, Emese Szekely, Derek Vovan, Penny Wei, Emilie Wilmot, Ruth Wu, Jason Yang and Sophia Yang.

Forty improved their time in one event: Daniel Bae, Siena Bernal, Neil Chaudhry, Andrew Chen, Gabriel Chen, Camryn Chung, Faith Fong, Ryan Hatcher, Sophia Hill, Aimee Jurado, Nathan Jurado, Eliza Karabian, Hannah Karabian, Amy Kim, Elliott LeBlond, Irene Lee, Masen Le, Ryan Le, Kevin Lu, Jagger McMannis, Joey Nesland, Lily Nesland, Elise Ngo, Dustin Nguyen, Nick O’Neill, Lawrence Park, Hayley Pham, Hayden Pimentel, Holden Pimentel, Hudson Pimentel, Nicholas Puckett, Anita Qian, Hana Roushdy, Kia Sowlati, Mia Sullivan, Barney Szekely, Michael Wolf, David Woo, John Woo and Ryanna Young.

Several earned a time improvement of five seconds or more in a single event: Brooklyn Canalita, Amy Kim, Chris Kim (who dropped 27.60 seconds in the 25-yard breaststroke), Elliott LeBlond, Masen Le, Joden Nguyen, Hayden Pimentel, Zachary Saito, Gwyneth Stanisai and Derek Vovan.

Next on deck: The Woodbury Waves will host the College Park Splash on July 11, after the holiday break.

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