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REPORT: ISL Champs 2014

The Woodbury Waves ended an exceptional season at the 2014 ISL Championship by finishing second place overall with a total of 1,226 points! Of those total points, 326 points were captured during the Waves’ impressive, collaborated relay swims. The team’s fastest swimmers garnered the remaining points. The Waves really showed their determination with postings of personal best by 82 swimmers in 136 events.

Swimmers finishing in the top six for each event won medals. Swimmers placing in the top 16 earned points for the team. Carolyn Nguyen (10) finished first in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. Nathan Jurado (12) finished first in freestyle, second in backstroke, and fourth in individual medley. Peyton Shim (8) finished third in breaststroke. Tyler Ringhofer (9) finished third in butterfly, fourth in breaststroke, and fifth in individual medley. Ryan Hatcher (9) finished third in backstroke, fourth in butterfly, and sixth in breaststroke. Daniel Bae (14) finished second in breaststroke, fourth in individual medley, and sixth in freestyle. Justin Aoki (14) finished third in backstroke and fifth in freestyle. Kasra Sowlati (8) finished fourth in backstroke, fifth in breaststroke, and 14th in freestyle. Kia Sowlati (12) finished fourth in freestyle, fifth in breaststroke, and eighth in individual medley. Kristine Nguyen (13) finished fourth in butterfly and backstroke and sixth in individual medley. Grant Kramer (8) finished fifth in freestyle and 12th in backstroke. Karina Young (8) finished fifth in breaststroke. Ashley Pham (10) finished fifth in freestyle, seventh in backstroke, and ninth in breaststroke. Alex Li (13) finished 5th in breaststroke. Sharon Chen (8) finished sixth in breaststroke, 15th in backstroke, and 16th in freestyle. Allison Kramer (10) finished sixth in freestyle, 12th in butterfly, and 18th in individual medley. Justin Kim (12) finished sixth in breaststroke, seventh in butterfly, and eighth in freestyle. Anisa Walker (12) finished sixth in breaststroke.

Earning a first place finish for mixed relay were Ryan Hatcher, Tyler Ringhofer, Carolyn Nguyen, and Ashley Pham (9-10). Relays teams earning second place finishes were: Kasra Sowlati, Peyton Shim, Troy Hill, and Grant Kramer (7-8 medley); Nathan Jurado, Kia Sowlati, Jun Kim, and Sophia Guntrip (11-12 medley); and Justin Aoki, Daniel Bae, Kristine Nguyen, and Jack McMannis (13-14 medley). Relays teams earning third place finishes were: Troy Hill, Caleb Ho, Sharon Chen, and Grant Kramer (7-8 freestyle); and Justin Kim, Ethan Ho, Sophia Guntrip, and Justin Pai (11-12 freestyle). The 15-18 freestyle relay team (Nicholas Kim, Cathleen Nguyen, Carey Aoki, and Nick O’Neill) finished in fourth place. The 9-10 freestyle relay team (Titus Ng, Elise Sullivan, Allison Kramer, and Avery Ngo) finished in fifth place. Relay teams earning seventh place finishes were: Holden Pementel, Baylie Wong, Ryanna Young, and Darren Nguyen (5-6 medley); Darren Nguyen, Baylie Wong, Ryanna Young, and Addy Ngo (5-6 freestyle). The 15-18 medley relay team (Cathleen Nguyen, Carey Aoki, Nicholas Kim, and Nick O’Neill) finished 10th place.

All the points accumulated this season was really a team effort. Other Wave swimmers earning individual swim points this year were: Carey Aoki (8th in breaststroke, 14th in freestyle), David Bae (13th in backstroke), Noah Fong (10th in breaststroke), Sophia Guntrip (9th in breaststroke, 12th in backstroke), Troy Hill (8th in breaststroke, 13th in butterfly), Ethan Ho (9th in freestyle, 12th in backstroke, 16th in individual medley), Aimee Jurado (14th place in breaststroke), Jun Kim (11th in butterfly, 15th in individual medley and breaststroke), Nicholas Kim (9th in butterfly and 11th in backstroke), Ryan Lee (13th in butterfly and individual medley, 14th in freestyle), Jack McMannis (8th in freestyle, 15th in butterfly), Addy Ngo (14th in backstroke), Avery Ngo (8th in backstroke, 8th in individual medley, 10th in butterfly), Titus Ng (8th in butterfly, 16th in individual medley, 16th in freestyle), Cathleen Nguyen (7th in backstroke, 11th in butterfly), Darren Nguyen, (9th in butterfly), Dustin Nguyen (7th in breaststroke, 10th in freestyle, 14th in backstroke), Lannhi Nguyen (8th in individual medley, 12th in breaststroke and butterfly), Mailynh Nguyen (14th in individual medley, 16th in breaststroke), Matthew O’Neill (10th in backstroke, 14th in butterfly), Nick O’Neill (10th in butterfly, 14th in freestyle), Justin Pei (7th in breaststroke, 10th in individual medley, 13th in backstroke), Hayley Pham (8th in backstroke and breaststroke, 11th in freestyle), Sophia Puckett (15th in breaststroke), Elise Sullivan (13th in breaststroke), and Baylie Wong (7th in breaststroke).

Swimmers with time improvements of 3 seconds or more were: Celine Aoki (9-10 breaststroke), Brooklynn Canalita (5-6 backstroke), Galileo Chen (5-6 freestyle), Ryan Le (9-10 freestyle), Chris Li (9-10 backstroke), Addy Ngo (5-6 backstroke), Avery Ngo (9-10 individual medley), and Ellie Wolf (7-8 butterfly).

It was an amazing championship and season! Congratulations to each and every Wave swimmer! Way to go Waves!!


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REMINDER: End of Season 2014 Party

Congratulations, everyone, on another terrific Woodbury Waves season!

Just a quick reminder that our End of Season Team Party will be from 2-4pm tomorrow at the Woodbury Community Pool. We’ll be announcing the official ISL Champs results, handing out trophies, etc.

Also, if you have anything for which you need to be reimbursed, please bring your receipts tomorrow and submit to Michelle O’Neill or Ralph Aoki.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow!

Go Waves!
Woodbury Waves Board