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AWAY MEET: Waves vs Northpark 2014

This weekend will be our fifth and final regular season meet and it will be against the Northpark Riptide. Following are the details:

1. Location. 101 Forest Glen, Irvine 92602. Per the host team, there will be construction going on around the community’s main gate. Therefore, they advise that we enter through the gate off Portola.

2. Set-up. We can start setting up our tents and EZ Ups at 6:30am. The Northwest side of the pool deck (behind the starting blocks) is generally reserved for Waves families, but most areas that won’t interfere with the meet are fine per the host team. As always, please be mindful of the early hour and to keep noise to a minimum during set up and pre-meet start. Do NOT set up prior to Saturday morning as this is a strict commitment the Riptide have made with their HOA.

3. Logistics:
7:30am Swimmer Sign-in begins
8:00-8:40 Swimmer Warm-ups
8:40 Swimmers clear the pool
8:45 First events are called to the Ready Bench
8:50 National Anthem
9:00 Meet Begins with Event #1

4. Parking. Per the host team, parking is available nearby, but please be especially diligent about parking legally. Northpark security is very active and on the lookout for illegal parking, especially around curved corners in the area.

5. Parent Relay. All parents who are interested, please see Ralph Aoki during the first half of the meet.

6. Exclusive Woodbury Waves ISL Championships Tee. As published yesterday, please have your apparel order form filled out and payment on hand ($20/item) for Rachel Young at this week’s meet. We are printing a limited run so please see Rachel as soon as possible on Saturday.

7. Spirit Party and End of Year Party. Please make sure to get your $10 payment (per family) to Kim Wilmot on Saturday or as soon as possible, and please RSVP if you haven’t done so.

8. Volunteer Hours. Please make sure you are on track to fulfill your volunteer hours. If you are not, please submit payment to Ralph Aoki as soon as possible (if you have not already).

9. Concession/Food. The following is their menu (including, but not limited to):
Teriyaki Chicken Bowls from Da Luau
Taco Guy (he sells tacos apparently)
Juice It Up
Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers
Chili Burgers & Chili Dogs
Breakfast Burritos
Watermelon Cups
and more stuff…

The Concession Stand will be CASH ONLY.

Thanks, everyone, for a great season so far – let’s finish the regular season in strong fashion! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday – GO WAVES!

Best Regards,
Woodbury Waves Board



Waves Champs Spirit Wear 2014

We are excited to present the 2014 Woodbury Waves ISL Championship tees!

Let’s show our unity and team spirit at the Champs meet! These are great quality American Apparel poly-cotton tees. Ultra-soft and ultra-comfy, it feels like you’ve owned it for years the moment you put it on. Fits slimmer so please size up.

Rachel Young will be taking pre-orders at the Apparel table at Saturday’s swim meet (meet info to come). All shirts will be available in time for Champs. Please print and fill out the Order From and bring cash or check payable to “Woodbury Waves”.

See our Spirit Wear flyer for Tshirt samples.

Men’s, Women’s and Youth tees come in cranberry with white lettering; Women’s tank comes in white with maroon lettering.

Men’s tee sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Women’s tee sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Women’s cotton spandex tank sizes: S, M, L, XL
Youth tee sizes: S, M, L, XL

Size chart

Size chart

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REPORT: Waves vs Quail Hill 2014

The Woodbury Waves had a very impressive showing in their fourth dual meet of the season against the Quail Hill Barracudas. The Waves posted 99 time improvements. There were 61 Waves swimmers that had ISL qualifying times in 132 events. The 13-14 girls took first finishes in all 5 individual events and the 11-12 boys took first place finishes in 4 individual events. The following age groups earned first through fourth place finishes: 13-14 girls in butterfly, 9-10 boys in 100 individual medley, and 7-8 girls in breaststroke.

Kristine Nguyen (13) earned first place finishes in all three of her individual events. Swimmers earning two first place ribbons in their individual events were: Grant Kramer (7-8 butterfly and freestyle), Ryan Lee (13-14 individual medley and freestyle), Cathleen Nguyen (15-18 backstroke and breaststroke), Sophia Puckett (7-8 individual medley and breaststroke), and Kia Sowlati (11-12 breaststroke and freestyle). Waves swimmers earning one first place ribbon in their individual event were: Carey Aoki (15-18 freestyle), Ethan Ho (11-12 individual medley), Nicholas Kim (15-18 butterfly), Kevin Lu (9-10 individual medley), Dustin Nguyen (13-14 breaststroke), Matthew O’Neill (11-12 backstroke), Nick O’Neill (15-18 freestyle), Alex Palafox (15-18 breaststroke), Elise Sullivan (9-10 butterfly), Anisa Walker (11-12 breaststroke), Jason Yang (9-10 backstroke), and Karina Young (7-8 breaststroke).

Woodbury Waves mixed medley relay teams with first place finishes were: Sophia Yang, Peyton Shim, Troy Hill and Grant Kramer in 7-8 medley; Elise Sullivan, Jason Yang, Titus Ng, and Allison Kramer in 9-10 medley, Matthew O’Neill, Kia Sowlati, Jun Kim, and Sophia Guntrip in 11-12 medley, Hayley Pham, Mailynh Nguyen, Kristine Nguyen, and Ryan Lee in 13-14 medley, Cathleen Nguyen, Nicholas Kim, Nick O’Neill, and Carey Aoki in 15-18 medley, Adam Lam, Camryn Chung, Ryan Austin, Brandon Chung in 9-10 freestyle, Dustin Nguyen, Youngbo Shim, Sophia Puckett, and Brandon Bui in 13-14 freestyle, and Nicholas Kim, Cathleen Nguyen, Carey Aoki, and Nick O’Neill in 15-18 freestyle. Relay teams with second place finishes included: Holden Pimentel, Darren Nguyen, Ryanna Young, and Addy Ngo in 5-6 medley, Richelle Shim, Eric Bui, Kevin Lu, and Gabriel Chen in 9-10 medley, Conor Devlin, Kasra Sowlati, Ella-Blue Wilmot, and Brent Hill in 7-8 freestyle, Nathan Bae, Tiffany J. Lee, Anisa Walker, and Justin Kim in 11-12 freestyle.

After four dual meets this season, the following Waves swimmers have achieved ISL qualifying times for all five events (butterfly, backstroke, individual medley, breaststroke, and freestyle): Celine Aoki, Gabrielle Aoki, Phil Chen, Nathan Jurado, Ethan Ho, Jun Kim, Justin Kim, Nicholas Kim, Allison Kramer, Avery Ngo, Dustin Nguyen, Titus Ng, Lannhi Nguyen, Mailynh Nguyen, Matthew O’Neill, Justin Pai, Ashley Pham, Hayley Pham, Tyler Ringhofer, Ryan Shattuck, Anisa Walker, Noah Wilmot and Jason Yang.

Swimmers with ISL qualifying times for four events are Daniel Bae, Nylah Canalita, Justin Aoki, Gabriel Chen, Sharon Chen, Troy Hill, Grant Kramer, Ryan Lee, Alex Li, Kevin Lu, Jack McMannis, Carolyn Nguyen, Cathleen Nguyen, Darren Nguyen, Kristine Nguyen, Nick O’Neill, Sophia Puckett, Hana Rhoushdy, Elise Sullivan, and Sophia Yang.

The following Waves swimmers have achieved ISL qualifying times for three events: David Bae, Nathan Bae, Brandon Bui, Brandon Chung, Julia Goldstein, Ryan Hatcher, Sophia Guntrip, Caleb Ho, Aimee Jurado, Adam Lam, Tiffany Lee, Chris Li, Kasra Sowlati, Kia Sowlati, David Woo, and Karina Young.

Waves swimmers with ISL qualifying times for two events were Carey Aoki, Eric Bui, Jacob Carrera, Camryn Chung, Dylan Chung, Conor Devlin, Noah Fong, Brent Hill, Arvin Kupumbati, Jagger McMannis, Addy Ngo, Elise Ngo, Nicholas Puckett, Baylie Wong, and Ryanna Young.

The following swimmers that have ISL qualifying times for one event: Nicholas Bui, Tristan Chung, Sophia Hill, Alex Palafox, Holden Pimentel, Peyton Shim, Miles Silva, and Ethan Wang.

At Saturday’s meet, swimmers that had time improvements for three events were Nathan Bae, Caleb Ho, Hannah Karabian, Sophie Kupumbati, Elise Sullivan, Penny Wei, Baylie Wong, and Delaney Wong.

Swimmers with two time improvements were Phil Chen, Camryn Chung, Dylan Chung, Tristan Chung, Jack Devlin, Sophia Guntrip, Brent Hill, Justin Kim, Ryan Lee, Tiffany Lee, Mailynh Nguyen, Matthew O’Neill, Nicholas Puckett, Mia Sullivan, Anisa Walker, Noah Wilmot, Karina Young, and Ryanna Young.

The following swimmers had one time improvement: Carey Aoki, Ryan Austin, David Bae, Siena Bernal, Brandon Bui, Laura Bui, Leslie Bui, Ethan Chang, Gabriel Chen, Galileo Chen, Bradin Chung, Conor Devlin, Julia Goldstein, Sophia Hill, Eliza Karabian, Amber Khauv, Jason Khauv, Jun Kim, Allison Kramer, Grant Kramer, Arvin Kupumbati, Kiera Lai, Adam Lam, Irene Lee, Masen Le, Ryan Le, Addy Ngo, Elise Ngo, Kristine Nguyen, Alex Palafox, Hayden Pimentel, Richelle Shim, Youngbo Shim, Ethan Wang, Emily Wei, David Woo, and Sophia Yang.

Waves swimmers posting time improvements of five seconds or more were Galileo Chen, Sophie Kupumbati, Ryan Lee, Masen Le, Penny Wei, and Baylie Wong.

Amazing meet Waves!